Our Consultants


Phronetic International’s strength is on its network of consultants (we call Phronetic Fellows). Our fellows have at least ten (10) years of experience in their specific specialization and most of them have advanced post-university academic degrees (Masters and Doctorates). They bring in the expertise to bring you world-class learning solutions. Email us at info@phronetic.ca for details.

Customized Solutions



We may have started our company using our customer-centric models for training but we know that our learning and social measurement models are not going to work with every company’s requirements. We will therefore work with you to create a solution that is right for your company.

Social Media in Training


We have the technology-in-training integration expertise specially in the areas of social media. We’ve built a model for Measuring the Value of Social Discussions using Network Technologies integrated in training curricula. The model was presented recently at the Networked Learning Conference in Maastrich, Netherlands.

We can assist you in leveraging your social capital, build effective networks of practice, develop a learning technology strategy that may even includes different devices and apps to enable increased learning for your employees. We will work with you to develop a customized program that will leverage your available resources.

Email us today at info@phronetic.ca for further information.

How we can help you

Email info@phronetic.ca for detailsPhronetic International, Inc., a Canadian company, is a full service training consulting company focused on technology-to-training integration with specialization in social media strategies for enterprise-wide learning solutions especially during periods of change. Our mission is to provide you with world-class, custom designed services aligned to your business goals.

We are passionate about our services and training products. With global strategic business partners, we offer our clients an extensive, industry tested, curriculum. Our materials have been effectively used by companies such as Colgate, NASA, Hewlett-Packard, Procter & Gamble, Marsh, Sun Microsystems, and IBM.